Fully Integrated UAV Solution

Ai Aerial Dynamics, a leading provider for customized aerial surveillance solutions, indigenously designed a fully integrated and powerful solution with latest aerial platforms that expands the operational capabilities of our customers. They are currently engaged with the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, Anti UAV system and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection system.


Day [&] Night Thermal Imager


Max Flight time 90 Minutes.


Maximum Payload Capacity: 180 kg


maximum range of 20 km


Ground Control Station

Ground Control Station add flexibility to deploy UAV at remote location from a vehicle or centralized command center with capability to observe sensor data, telemetry and plan flight path autonomously.


Airtifical Intelligence

Indigenously trained Airtifical Intelligence Core can detect abnormalities with clinical accuracy. The anomaly to be detected an be trained as per client requirement.

RF communication

Radio Front End

A uniquely designed software defined radio front end adds capability to capture RF signals from 10Mhz to 6Ghz and an EDGE processing device with GPU processing is deployed to interpret RF communications in targeted area.



Our Vertical Takeoff and Landing UAV systems are integrated with multiple navigation sensors and failsafe mechanisms for reliability. All UAV are completely autonomous from takeoff to landing and deployed from mobile ground control stations .


Camera Payload

High resolution camera sensor with active stabilization and automatic target tracking. Encrypted video down-link to Ground Control Station. Day and night thermal imager compatible.

About us

Our Story

The new UAV solution offers an easy and safe aerial access to challenging areas, a larger surface coverage in a single flight, a higher resolution images and an opportunity to acquire aerial data with a cost effective, and efficient tool.

The potential applications of drones is significantly increasing as the components that makeup the technology become more lightweight and affordable. The drones are scalable for heavy payload applications like sites like Personal Aerial Vehicle, disaster management for human rescue, Indian defence force, pesticide spraying in agriculture fields.

AI Aerial Dynamics is engaged with the Defence Research and Development Organization – DRDO for customized manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Systems and designed an indigenous stabilization system for payloads like sensors like camera, thermal imager and laser range finder.

The company is working with the defence department on a project to detect explosive mines using drones and land rovers. As a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics our system provides the best detection rate and accuracy.


Unique Features

Base Edition
  • Payload :2kg
  • Up to 90 minutes flight time
  • service Ceiling : 2km
  • Rotors :4
  • Transmission Distance : 20km
Standard Edition
  • Payload :20kg
  • Up to 60 minutes flight time
  • service Ceiling : 2km
  • Rotors :8
  • Transmission Distance : 20km
Premium Edition
  • Payload :80kg
  • Up to 60 minutes flight time
  • service Ceiling : 2km
  • Rotors :16
  • Transmission Distance : 20km
Custom Edition
  • Payload :2kg- 180kg
  • Up to 60 minutes flight time
  • service Ceiling : 2km
  • Transmission Distance : 20km-100km


Our Customers

Kerala Police

Kerala Forest and
Wildlife Department

Department of Archaeology

Kerala State Disaster
Management Authority

Defence Research and Development Organisation


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